5 Tips for Embellishing Tshirts

POCKETS Pockets are a stylistic way to take any boring, old t-shirt to the next level. Not to mention, pockets are perfect for storing loose change and the occasional gum packet. Here at FPS, we give you the freedom to team up with our art department to showcase whatever design you’d like to make the[…]

Inside The Office

Have you ever wanted to get a better feel for what goes on in the FPS office? Who are the people behind these customized creations? Today, we sat down with Jayne Stuecklen, one of the moving forces behind FPS’ growing art department, to get a clearer vision of the creative side of the job! What[…]

The Anatomy of the Male Romper

Male rompers have taken social media by storm these past couple weeks, making everyone ask the same question — what’s all the fuss about? A comfy alternative to a short-shirt combo? Another opportunity to express creativity within fashion? We’ll give that a #FPS approval. Still, some critics aren’t reacting as generously. Let’s break down the[…]

Summertime Trends

With summer right around the corner, it is essential to stay up to date with up and coming, all-the-rage trends. Here at FPS, we have options to give you a custom look for whatever weather forecast summer throws at you. The results are in! Crop top and sleeveless hoodies are our top customizable look for[…]