10 Coolest Things about Custom Pockets

Have you noticed the trend? Screen printed cotton tees (although always a top promotional item) are being replaced more and more often with retail-quality, lifestyle garments as brand and end-users opt for style over price. One of the products at the forefront of this trend is the custom pocket tee – consistently being mentioned on the list of hottest trends in the promotional apparel industry.

The custom pocket tee transforms a basic, outdated pocket tee by customizing the pocket with a logo or design. It’s a simple, yet effective way of turning a promotional t-shirt into a retail top.

As the summer gets closer you’ll probably be seeing more and more pocket tees and your customers may be looking for one of their own. What are the benefits of custom pockets? What might you not know about them and what makes them so great? We’re here to break it down.

1. Full-color printing

Many suppliers and decorators offer a screen printed logo centered on a pocket….

FPS Apparel offers full-color pockets with no limit to the design. The pocket is truly your canvas.


2. Low minimum orders

We know what you’re thinking – “custom apparel.. minimums of 144-500 pieces. This will never work for my customer.”  Think again. With minimums of just 24 pieces a custom pocket is an option for just about anybody.

3. Free design work

Maybe you’re having trouble coming up with a pocket design and your customer doesn’t know the direction they want to go in. Leave that up to us. FPS Apparel’s design team is here to create a pattern or design perfect for your customer with little to no direction needed. Contact us to get started on a free virtual mockup.

4. Price

Most pocket tees start around $17(a) on 24 pieces. Sure, it’s not a $5 t-shirt but the nicest thing about custom pockets is there’s a higher perceived value. Who says a custom pocket tee can’t retail for $30 (like this pocket tank we did for Barstool Sports)? Set price points yourself, don’t compete for pennies like you would on a screen printed white tee.

5. Quick turn time

At FPS Apparel we print & hand-sew our custom pockets right in our New York office. We can turn them around as quickly as 10 business days. Probably comparable to your screen printer’s production time on a basic t-shirt!


6. Retail-quality

At FPS Apparel we use a high-end softspun polyester material for the pocket itself. Unlike traditional polyester, it has more of a soft cotton feel , while still holding the sublimation print ability. This gives our custom pockets a retail-ready look and feel.

7. Not just t-shirts — Create a Collection

If you’ve created the perfect pocket tee with an awesome pattern don’t let it end there. Add your pocket to different products (tanks, crew neck sweatshirts, polos, etc.) Or add your pattern to different products (custom hood lining, custom waistband, custom collar, etc.) to create a complete apparel collection.


8. Endless options

Did you know there are 7 different ways to decorate a pocket? Check out FPS Apparel’s Guide to Custom Pockets to learn all about the options you have – they are just about endless!

9. Works across many markets

Food and Beverage, Fitness, Tech, Schools, Sports Teams — These are just a few of the markets that custom pockets work best for. The flexibility of the pocket design makes it workable for just about any type of customer.


10. Umm…storage?

OK, maybe we ran out of ideas at #9. But if you do decide to use your custom pocket for storage we won’t judge. And don’t forget about your custom pocket protector! We promise we won’t call you a nerd.


What do you say? Are you ready to get started on some custom pockets for your customers this summer? Contact us to get the ball rolling!

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