Unique Summer Picks

The word “unique” is what we here at FPS thrive on. In today’s day and age, boring old t shirts and shorts have quickly transitioned from timeless to unexpressive. There’s not much to say about Plain Jane or Ordinary Oliver, but don’t worry! There’s no need to fret! We put together a quick manual for our top three unique trends of summer to ensure that creativity will follow you wherever you happen to end up!


  1. The Ringspun Hooded Tee (HT640)


How does one adequately deal with the blaring AC in the office this summer? Or how about the boardwalk at night- breeze flowing through your hair? The solution is simple… a long sleeved tee- with a twist. Customize the hood to any design you’d like! If you are in need of inspiration, the art team is waiting to help evolve your logo into a trendy, all-the-rage pattern. The drawstrings are waiting to be colored! The sleeves are waiting to be decorated! Summer nights are amongst us- what are you waiting for?



2. Raglan Baseball Tee (BB100)
Hit the diamond in style with a baseball shirt entirely your own! Yankees fan? Show off at your company picnic with customized sleeves any style you’d like! Want to imagine you’re a hard hitter yourself? Let’s sublimate your last name and favorite number onto the back. Welcome to the team of your dreams- but make sure not to spill any ketchup.





3. Ladies Impact Performance Polo (B600)

Summer sports are everywhere! With 100% polyester moisture-wicking fabric, staying fashionable while also remaining dry is the name of the game in this customizable performance polo. Don’t forget the collar can scream any style or pattern you’d like to take your team’s look to the next level.






Well, there you have it folks. A couple top trends to keep you looking your best. These fashion-friendly, comfortable styles will keep you trendy in whatever situation you encounter! See you next time!

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