5 Tips for Embellishing Tshirts


Pockets are a stylistic way to take any boring, old t-shirt to the next level. Not to mention, pockets are perfect for storing loose change and the occasional gum packet. Here at FPS, we give you the freedom to team up with our art department to showcase whatever design you’d like to make the perfect pocket tee unique to your own individual style. How’s that for decoration?



Has a piece of art ever left you feeling mesmerized? So much so that you felt it was necessary to take a second to stop and admire it? Now, imagine this… A piece of art- just the same- but all over sublimated onto a tshirt. What a change from your classic everyday Hanes! WARNING… these styles may cause you to be stuck in front of the mirror, admiring your outfit, and in result, uphold obligatory activities. In these circumstances, our team here at FPS will not be held liable.



If you want to show off your trendy self but don’t feel like dealing with the inevitable upheaval that sublimation will render, embroidered tees are what’s right for you. This classic option will give you slightly more “pizazz” than a typical tshirt, while still giving you the power to casually go about your errands for the day. Embroidered tees are the perfect happy medium, suited for all people of all walks of life! Don’t miss out!



Another fashion-forward way to amp up any monotonous t-shirt is an old classic- patches! There are so many out there, big ones, small ones, any colors you’d like! A new hot trend for 2017, patches will give you the right amount of spice, while still keeping it classy.



Lately, colored or patterned ringer tshirts have been making headlines. Seen on various celebrities, they are perfect for layering under scoop dresses or any jacket of your choice. Their adaptability makes them perfect for any occasion, any day of the week. Here at FPS, we can provide you with custom cuffs. It’ll still give you that “ringer” feel but the cuffs can be any design you’d like. Wowza!


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